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 Candy Shipping Policies

All candy orders are shipped by priority mail. They usually take two to three days to get there but unfortunately they do not guarantee this. If you live in a hot area, I would greatly suggest choosing the express mail shipping. This choice is expensive but in most cases is overnighted. The shipping charges are calculated by the total weight of all the candy ordered. You must be home for your mail delivery so the candy does not sit outside in the sun and melt. If you can not be home for your mail delivery please consider shipping to your place of business or another person's address where they are home in the daytime for their mail delivery. You may also choose the express mail option where they hold the mail at the post office for you to pick it up. This will help prevent the candy from sitting outside in the hot mail truck waiting for delivery. I will do everything within my power to ensure that the candy ordered arrive safe and sound. But unfortunately there are NO GUARANTEES AGAINST MELTING OR BREAKAGE so please consider this carefully before placing your order. I work hard at making the chocolate and do everything possible within my power to ensure safe delivery but I can not control how they handle the boxes when they leave my care. Ice pack or packs are available for purchase with every order although this is still not a guarantee but they do help with the shipping process. You must still be home for your mail delivery. If you have any other questions please contact me.

Important Cancelation Information

Please remember that you are commiting to purchase the order after payment is submitted. No order will be canceled after the order is started. I am sorry i have to have this policy but I can not spend the time making it and then cancel the order. If you would like to cancel the order after its placed, and the order has not been started there will be a 10.00 NON REFUNDABLE FLAT FEE. Please be sure you want to purchase the order before submitting payment. Thank you so much for your understanding.



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